airline websites

Unofficial Airline Websites

  •  The personal page of an American Airlines enthusiast.

  • British Virtual Airways  A website for all fans of British Airways and aviation in general: corporate news, fleet and destinations, airline history, media archive, photo library and wallpaper.

  • Emirates Enthusiast Page  Airline information, fleet facts, news, aircraft photo gallery.

  •  An unofficial web site for Delta with over 400 pictures from Delta aircraft events, mainly the retirement of aircraft and the famous "Delta Belle L1011" trip to Victorville.

Airline-related sites

  • AeroTransport Data Bank  This great site has airline information (name and alias, dates formed and dissolved or renamed, country of origin and base airport, IATA and ICAO codes, short historical summary), fleet data, country information, aircraft orders, aircraft orders.

  •  This website is about nothing but airline food.

  • Airline Meals German site on airline meals

  • Airline News Focus  Industry-leading fortnightly airline newsletter covering all aspects of airline operations.

  • Airline Quality  Airlines ranked by quality of service and product.   Airline and airport awards, flight reviews, news stories, airline survey information.

  • Airliner Discounts Network A communication network for Airline Employees and for businesses who are interested in Airline Employees.  Also at

  • Airlines Reporting Corporation  The ARC provides services related primarily to distribution and settlement of travel purchased in the U.S. on behalf of ARC’s owner airlines, participating carriers, authorized travel agencies, and customers.  Only passenger carrying, scheduled airline members of the Air Transport Association of America (ATA), that are also party to ARC’s Carrier Services Agreement, are eligible to be shareholders.

  • Airlines of the Web On-line schedules & fares by Internet Travel Network, view schedules, fares, make reservations, airline Website links.

  • Airwise  Airline, aviation, and air travel news.  Also flight arrival information, airport guides, airline web sites and news, discussion forums.

  • ANA Aviation Services  Established in the UK to provide airlines with professional cargo management: marketing and sales, computerised reservations, accounting, operations control and supervision of handling.

  • BA staff reunited  BA staff reunited reunites ex BOAC, BEA & British Caledonian employees from the past.

  • Daily Airline Filings - Airline Information Research site Airline filings, aviation news, headlines, search function, airline stock quotes, links.

  • Flight "T" Hanger Airline 1-800 numbers.

  • History of PIA  The history of the national flag carrier of Pakistan.

  • IATA FAQ  Lots of information and statistics about airlines: passengers, freight, traffic, etc.

  • Ken's Airlines  Airline history, fleet, and other information.

  •  An online website that centres around the business and financial aspects of the airline industry, focusing on airlines whose stocks and/or ADR's are traded on the US stock exchanges.

  • Skytrax  Airline news, surveys, rankings, seating, meals, web sites, passenger opinions, reviews, products.

  • Smilin' Jacks Aviation Directory  Airlines and other aviation items.

  • Wheels Up! Airline Links and Airport Links  A very comprehensive alphabetic and regional directory of airlines and airports with a presence on the Web.  A good resource.

Sites with Airline Logos

  • AeroSite Airline Logos  A huge directory with airline logos, airline codes, airport codes, Boeing customer codes, aircraft specs and profiles.

Airline Codes

  • AeroTransport Data Bank  This great site has airline information (name and alias, dates formed and dissolved or renamed, country of origin and base airport, IATA and ICAO codes, short historical summary), fleet data, country information, aircraft orders, aircraft orders.

  • Airline Codes  3-digit, 2-digit, and airline ticketing codes.

  • Airline Codes Database  

  • The Airline Codes Web Site  This site helps you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the airline industry: aircraft codes, airline codes, airport codes, Boeing codes, callsigns, country codes.

  • - Airliner Production Lists  Airbus and Boeing production lists, airline fleet information with IATA and ICAO codes, links and more.


Airline Alliances

  • SkyTeam Alliance  A Delta, Korean Air, Air France, AeroMexico, and Czech Airlines alliance formed to create a world travel network.

  • Star Alliance  Home page for the alliance that includes Air Canada, Lufthansa, SAS, Thai, United, Varig.  Benefits, destinations, travel guide, schedules, flight status, reservations, contacts.

  • oneworld Alliance Airline alliance with American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Iberia Airlines, Aer Lingus, LanChile, Finnair, and Qantas.

  • WOW  An alliance of airline cargo operations formed by Lufthansa Cargo, SAS Cargo, and Singapore Airlines Cargo.

Airline Complaint Sites & Citizen Action Groups

  • Aviation Integrity Project  A non-profit, citizens watchdog group formed to independently investigate waste, fraud and corruption at O'Hare Airport.  AIP is funded by the Suburban O'Hare Commission, a collective of suburbs surrounding O'Hare, and is staffed by a team of independent investigators and researchers.

  • Boycott Delta  Expressing invasion of privacy fears resulting from passenger screening security measures.

  • Don't Spy On Us  A privacy rights site that advocates air travel without having your personal information used by others.  These folks organized the Delta Boycott, and they report on the JetBlue privacy scandal.

  • Untied  A complaint page for those having difficulty with United Airlines.

Inflight Entertainment

  • AIRFAX Online Service provider for the inflight entertainment industry: consulting services, Internet services, news services.

  • Airshow, Inc.  Information, entertainment, and cabin control systems for corporate jets.

  • Audio International  Provider of audio, video, and cabin management systems for corporate, VIP, and head-of-state aircraft.

  • Creator Capital Limited  A provider of interactive in-flight gaming entertainment software and services.

  • Flt Tech Online  An online newsletter from the Air Economics Group which focuses on the implementation of new aviation technology, including the inflight entertainment area.

  • Intheairnet  An organization dedicated to creating next-generation inflight entertainment and information systems with a web-based technological approach and Internet business model.

  • LiveTV  This wholly owned subsidiary of JetBlue Airways Corporation provides turnkey in-flight entertainment services (DIRECTV, in-seat audio/video, XM Satellite Radio) focused on single aisle commercial aircraft.

  • Rockwell Collins Journey Management  A variety of content applications to be delivered to the passenger: terminal charts and connecting gate information, news, weather, sports, financial updates, moving maps and flight status information, videos, flight safety precautions.

  • Sky Radio Network  Provides audio business programming to some of the largest airlines in the world.  The mission of the Sky Radio Network is to produce high-quality business and technology programming that educates, informs and entertains air travellers.

  • World Airline Entertainment Association Founded in 1979 as a nonprofit organization, the WAEA is a worldwide network, representing over 100 airlines and 250 airline suppliers and related companies, committed to excellence in inflight entertainment, communications and services, and the improvement of the airline passenger environment.

Inflight Internet

  • Airshow, Inc.  Inflight Internet and email products.

  • AirTV  Real-time global TV, audio, Internet and e-mail service for airlines.

  • Connexion by Boeing  High-speed, two-way Internet and live television services to aircraft in flight.

  • NETVIGATOR Inflight  Email connectivity on Cathay Pacific Airways where you can send and receive email messages with file attachments using your own email accounts.

  • Swift64  High-speed access to e-mail, the Internet, and company networks for airlines and business aviation via the satellites of Inmarsat.

  • Tenzing Communications, Inc.  Inflight email (including attachments) from most laptops, using Tenzing WebMail, a browser-based email program.

Airline Affinity Programs

  • Aeroplan  A Canadian loyalty program that earns miles through the Star Alliance network, as well as from car rentals, resort stays, and vacation packages.

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