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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • AAI Corporation  The subsidiary of United Industrial Corporation which produces unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), including the Shadow 200 and Shadow 600 models.

  • Access 5  A U.S. national project sponsored by NASA - with participation by the FAA, DoD, and industry - to introduce high altitude long endurance (HALE) remotely operated aircraft (ROA) to routine flight in the National Airspace System (NAS).

  • Advanced Ceramics Research  Producer of the Silver Fox, a small, lightweight, inexpensive and expendable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can fly autonomously for long durations and is capable of providing low cost aerial surveillance imaging and carry sensor payload packages.

  • Aerial Information Systems Corporation  AISC provides a range of remote sensing and advertising products and services using small UAVs.  AISC also builds its own line of small UAVs and payloads.

  • The Aerosonde Robotic Aircraft  A small, economic, and operationally flexible UAV with a flight capability in excess of 30hrs/3000km and designed for meteorological and environmental observations, and surveillance over oceanic, remote, and hazardous areas.

  • AeroVironment  Develops breakthrough aerial vehicles for a wide range of applications, including unmanned aircraft for communications, reconnaissance and research, as well as high-altitude unmanned solar-electric airplanes. 

  • The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International  AUVSI is the world's largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems community.  AUVSI, with members from government organizations, industry and academia, is committed to fostering, developing, and promoting unmanned systems and related technologies.

  • Athena Technologies  A developer and producer of proprietary dynamics and controls technology, specializing in controls engineering and flight-control technology and systems, including the GuideStar system.

  • Aurora Flight Sciences  Develops robotic aircraft, rapid prototyping of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), composite and metal manufacturing, fault-tolerant software, and UAV flight services.

  • Boeing X-40A  Boeing home page for the X-40A with photos and information.

  • Bombardier Aerospace / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  The CL-327 advanced vertical takeoff and landing surveillance system designed for intelligence gathering.

  • Bosch Aerospace  Developer and manufacturer of several unconventional Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV's).

  • Dragon Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  A five-pound, back-packable, modular unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to provide the Marine small unit commander with a reconnaissance and surveillance capability to see over the next hill or building.  See also the GlobalSecurity.org page.

  • DRS Unmanned Technologies, Inc.  Close-range, low-weight, low-noise, medium-duration UAVs supporting military special operations missions. Applications for these products include tactical short-range surveillance, radio relay, and command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR).  Formerly the U.S.-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) business of Meggitt Defense Systems - Texas, Inc., a unit of Meggitt plc.

  • FAS - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  A very good source for UAV information with an overview, UAV categories, vehicle descriptions, photos, and specifications.&nbap; Also links to sources and resources.  From the Federation of American Scientists Intelligence Resource Program.

  • Firescout VTUAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  In February 2000, the US Navy chose the Model 379 FireScout as its vertical take-off and landing tactical unmanned air vehicle (VTUAV).

  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.  Dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of unmanned aircraft surveillance systems and associated hardware.

  • Global Aerial Surveillance  Providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV\'s) to the civilian and military markets for a myriad of potential applications

  • HALE ROA in the NAS  A NASA-led project intended to eventually enable remotely or autonomously operated aircraft to fly safely and routinely with other aircraft within the national airspace system.

  • The Insitu Group  Miniature unmanned robotic aircraft fly over the world's oceans and remote areas.

  • Meggitt Defense Systems  A designer and manufacturer of aerial towed vehicle systems and related equipment for special applications.  (Threat simulation scenarios for combat readiness training, and weapon testing evaluation.)

  • MicroPilot  Low-cost miniature autopilots suitable for UAV and RPV use which provide airframe stabilization and autonomous GPS navigation.  Many UAV experimenter's links.

  • MicroPilot Inc.  Provides low cost flight control systems for the emerging "backpackable" UAV market.

  • NAVY Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  The official U.S. Navy web site for the Pioneer, Fire Scout, Global Hawk, BAMS, J-UCAS, and other UAVs.

  • Pioneer UAV, Inc.  In 1991, AAI Corporation and Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd., the original developers of the Pioneer UAV system, formed a jointly owned corporation to manage the program and function as the prime contractor to the US Government for all Pioneer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program related activities.

  • Soko Z.I.  An aerospace company located in Zagreb, Croatia with a multidisciplinary team developing high-tech products such as unmanned aerial vehicles and flight simulators.

  • Teledyne Technologies  Gas turbine engines for unmanned military aircraft, including remotely piloted vehicles, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

  • UAV Forum  This site seeks to be the definitive website on the subject of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  Includes an extensive list of vehicles, a calendar of UAV events, news, references, photo gallery, video theater, links to sites offering scale desktop models of UAVs, and companies.

  • UAV Technical Analysis and Applications Center  TAAC is a business unit of the Physical Science Laboratory, New Mexico State University, and offers a wide range of services to its UAV customers, including R&D, engineering, flight and test planning and operations, analysis, and simulation.

  • uavworld.com  A guide to worldwide news, legislation and system/technology developments for international military, civil and commercial UAV markets.

  • Unav, Inc.  Low-cost INS/GPS autopilot systems for unamanned guidance and control.

  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems International  This web site explains the UCARE (UAVs: Concerted Actions for required REgulations) Programme.  It also provides access to an online collection of international UAV-related airworthiness and air traffic management documents, a list of UAV-related terms and definitions, as well as a list of UAV-related acroyms.

  • Unite  An alliance of companies formed to pursue the common objective of creating the capability for UAVs (unmanned air vehicles) to "file and fly" in the National Airspace System (NAS).

  • United Industrial Corporation  Products from this maker of unmanned aerial vehicles include the U.S. Army Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) program.

  • Utva Aircraft Industry  An aircraft manufacturer in Serbia and Montenegro producing general aviation, military, ultralight, and unmanned aerial vehicles, including the Raven and UTVA.

  • Uvonline.com  A global news and business information service for the unmanned systems community.

Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology

  • ERAST  The U.S. national program for developing remotely piloted aircraft for scientific, humanitarian, and commercial purposes.  Sponsored by NASA.

  • Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology  The NASA Glenn Research Center supports aeropropulsion and power technology development for the ERAST Project led by NASA Dryden Research Center.

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