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Spotting Web Sites

  • Aeronautics  An aviation spotter site with a goal to show you some spotter photos and give additional information about aviation and its history.

  •  Planespotting in South Africa with information about South African airports, maps, photos and thousands of links to airports and airlines worldwide.

  • Aircraftrecognition  A site about aircraft recognition with fact sheets, pictures, links, aircraft quizzes, forum, and more.  Primarily in Danish, but with a growing English version.

  • Aircraft Registration Codes / Tail Numbers by Country Explaining how international aircraft registration numbers work in terms of country prefixes, which are listed both with country codes and countries in alphabetical order. Include history and news snippets about aviation, airlines and aircraft.

  • Airport & Airfields Spotting Info  This site is designed for the aviation enthusiast and lists details from airfields and airports all over the world.

  • The Aviation Enthusiasts and Spotters Webring This Webring is for Webmasters of web pages related to spotters and aviation enthusiasts to provide a means to link together all the various pages.

  • AviationPhotos  This site has a nice gallery of commercial airliner photos.  Image wallpaper is available and color prints are available for sale.

  • CI Aviation  The aim of this site is to provide a colourful collection of aviation images from the Channel Islands and to promote all aspects of aviation within the Channel Islands with a special emphasis on Guernsey.

  • Eagle-Eyed Observers of YVR  Official homepage of an aviation spotting club in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Gloucestershire Airport - A view from the Car Park  Spotting, airport development information, links.

  • The Andy Hutchings Web Site  Aviation theme site includes Air NORTH, a British aviation society with a aircraft spotting and historical themes.

  •  A website displaying aviation photographs from Brisbane and Australia taken by the webmaster and others. 

  • Pedro Becken's Homepage  Plane spotting at Porto International Airport, Portugal.

  •  Offers photos of airplanes, airport information, airline and aircraft details, forums, and much more for plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts around the globe.

  • The PlaneSpotting Zone  Dedicated to planespotting and civil aviation: photo gallery, IATA and ICAO codes, planespotting links.

  • Scramble  Home of the Dutch Aviation Society, for the civil and military aviation enthusiast: the monthly magazine "Scramble," spotter conventions, bus and air trips for aviation enthusiasts, airshow information, airfield information for European spotters, Dutch civil aircraft register.

  • Socal Approach  Plane spotting, airport watching, Air Traffic Control, flight simulation.

  •  Database of Aviation World Records open to spotters by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, the world governing body for air sports.  Access to information on the latest aircraft, gliders and helicopters used to set records.  The database can also be queried to check if aircraft you have spotted in the past have been used to set records.

  • Steven's Airport Movement Pages (Heathrow) Movements, archives, photos, registers, frequencies, links.

  • Teejee'sPage  Many nice photographs by this airplane spotter.

Spotting Mail Lists

  • Email MachThree-Spotters Body: subscribe MachThree-spotters.  For providing and obtaining information about the movements of aircraft, so that registrations, C/Ns and schedules etc. may be exchanged.  Although Europe based, Worldwide contributions are welcomed.  This list is primarily concerned with the movements of civilian aircraft, although military movements at what are usually civilian only airports should not be excluded from reports.

  • Send Email to Mil Spotters, Subject and Body not required.  A mailing list for military spotters only.

  • Touchdown-News  The aim of this eGroup is to provide a low-volume e-mail news service and archive of military aircraft movements of interest to European-based spotters.  The intent is to provide a daily log of movements for RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath plus regular updates of interesting military movements and deployments to other airfields in the UK and Europe.  A secondary intent is to provide an archive for the military aircraft serial logs gathered on various Touchdown sorties throughout the World since 1992.

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