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Aviation Security Web Sites

  • AD Aerospace FlightVu aircraft safety and security systems and TransVu ground transport safety and security systems.

  • Air Security International  Security services and products for corporate aviation, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, executives, celebrities, diplomats, security and travel departments.

  • Aviation Security International  Dedicated to safety issues (incidents of hijacks, attempted hijacks, air rage, sabotage and airport attacks) and directed to airport and airline security directors and managers, director generals of civil aviation authorities, flight and cabin crew instructors, immigration and customs officials and the senior management of the aviation industry’s regulatory authorities.

  • Finnish Security Projects Ltd  An aviation security training and consultancy based in Finland but operating world wide.  Training in Finnish, English, and Spanish.

  • George Washington University Aviation Safety and Security Management  Certificate program designed to take a comprehensive approach to integrating safety and security in air transportation.

  • Homeland Security & Defense  Aviation Week's AviationNow special report with HSD news and coverage, links to related resources.

  • Reem Aviation Security Consultants  Specializes in Ground Security Coordinators (GSC) Training and provides a variety of aviation security services: airline corporate security consulting, background checks, pre-employment verification audits, dedicated GSC’s to cover flights at high-risk airports, cargo security training, cargo security audits, domestic profilers training.

  • Renful Aviation Security Ltd  Based in the UK and dedicated to the development and provision of aviation security consultancy, procedures, training seminars, computer based training systems and equipment for security applications.  Services provided to governments, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines, and others.

  • Techsphere Systems  A worldwide provider of spherical airship platforms for use in commercial, research, and government applications.  TSI manufactures, owns, operates, leases and sells these platforms.

  • Transportation Security Administration  Established by the November 19, 2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), this U.S. Department of Transportation unit seeks to protect U.S. transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.  The website offers employment opportunities (such as airport security screener positions), security regulations and relevant information relating to transportation security activities, information pertaining to security and law enforcement operations that is suitable for public distribution, and information for transportation entities including terminal operators, airport officials, private transportation businesses (airlines, trucking companies, shippers, etc) and employees.  Travelers and consumers of transport services will find tips and updates pertaining to transportation security laws.

  • WorldSecurity-index  This database of security and defense equipment (plus supporting services) is designed to for professionals in the homeland defense, security, law enforcement, counter terrorism, and fire and rescue industries.

Airport & Aircraft Security

  • Calidris  A software solution company that provides revenue and booking integrity and security solutions for the airline and transportation industries.  The Calidris SafeGuard solution matches names in bookings with names on government watchlists using an algorithm to identify specific "target" names with high accuracy, even if the names are spelled differently or misspelled.

  • Daon  A biometric identity management company serving the transportation and other industry sectors.

  • EyeTicket Corporation  A developer and provider of high-volume, biometric-based travel processing, including the EyePass and JetStream iris-recognition products for airport access control.

  • FAM International  Specialized security solutions, including physical security for aircraft, airport vulnerability assessments, aviation training.

  • FSTOP - Film Safety for Traveling on Airlines  A film advocacy committee aimed at making the picture-taking public aware of potential damage to photographic film generated by new x-ray security scanners installed at airports worldwide for the inspection of checked baggage.

  • Graphco Technologies Inc.  G-TEC is an advanced technology and systems development company and a leading provider of secure access, biometric identification, surveillance and secure data hosting solutions.

  • Heimann Systems Group  X-ray inspection systems for airports, and other applications.

  • How Airport Security Works  From the Howstuffworks site.

  • IAI-Elta Electronics Industries  Producer of the Flight Guard self-protection system for aircraft, which uses decoy flares to thwart incoming missiles.

  • I.D. Systems, Inc.  The Wireless Asset Net system replaces ground support vehicle ignition keys with ID cards.  See the press release.

  • Identix Incorporated  The Identix Live Scan Systems will be used to assist the airports in complying with the employee background check requirements of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.

  • InVision Technologies  Develops, manufactures, markets and supports explosive detection systems for civil aviation security explosives detection system based on advanced computer tomography (CT) technology (the CTX 5000 series).

  • L-3 Communications  This maker of military aerospace communications systems also provides explosive detection products (the eXaminer 3DXTM 6000 Explosive Detection System) through it's Security Systems division.

  • Laser Data Command, Inc.  Provider of the PassPro passenger identity boarding and bag match system that was developed for interfacing with existing airline systems.  The passenger's video image and identification is compressed into a 2-dimensional barcode which is printed on the passenger's boarding pass.  When the boarding pass is scanned at the jetway, the passenger's color image appears from the barcode onto a computer screen to confirm the right to board.  Also at check-in, the passenger's bag image is similarly captured for matching to the passenger's ID.

  • Nastec International  Airline security programs, and a Sky Marshall training program.

  • P-CEL Research Incorporated  The CRUPAX Flight Deck Security System is a modernization of the double door concept, with a security curtain replacing the second door.

  • PerkinElmer, Inc.  PerkinElmer Detection Systems produces electronic equipment for airport checked-baggage X-ray inspection systems.

  • RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd.  The Britening system uses a directional infra-red countermeasure system to disrupt incoming missiles.

  • RUSI/Jane's Homeland Security & Resilience Monitor  Provides analysis and assessment for the security and disaster response communities in both the public and commercial sectors.  Experts deliver informed debate and analyses of strategic, operational and tactical issues.  Online, CD, and print subscriptions available.

  • Securicor plc  This group provides a variety of security, distribution and communication services, including airport security. Securicor aquired Argenbright Security.

  • Securitas AB  An international security company based in Sweden with operations in more than 30 countries, primarily in Europe and North America. 

  • SecurityCosmos.com  A source for institutional security products and information, including airport security.

  • Smart Access, Inc.  A designer and manufacturer of microcontroller-based access and security systems for airports and other commercial establishments.

  • Transecure, Inc.  A professional services organization offering expert security consulting services for airports and the aviation and transportation communities, specializing in airport security and information technology, biometrics, and blast analysis.

  • The United States General Accounting Office  Links to GAO airport security documents.

  • Viisage Technology  This face-recognition technology company offers SecureFLIGHT, a free-standing, automated image capture system that links Viisage's biometric networked processor with FaceFINDER software for overt screening at airport security checkpoints.

  • Visionics Corporation  Biometrics identity systems that have airport and other applications.

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