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Aviation Press Release Pages

Many of the press release pages are deep links within the company sites, and are therefore subject to frequent change.  If a link below is broken, please start from the company home page and look for something like "press releases" or "media centre" or "company news," etc.

Sources for Air Travel News

Other Aviation News Sources

  • About.com - Air News  Airline news, airfare deal news, merger news, airport news, strike news, and airline accident news.

  • Aerotech News and Review  Daily aviation and space news.  Also list of upcoming air shows, education links by state, employment opportunities, aviation events, museum and other aviation links.

  • AirToAirCombat.Com  A military aviation news web site seeking to help share news and information about military aviation.

  • The Air Letter On-line  A daily subscription-only business-to-business newsletter for professional people which reports on international news, business, politics, technology and economics in the aerospace industry.

  • Air Transport Intelligence  A subscription service with 24 hour real-time airline and airport news, developments, and orders delivered.

  • Airways News Online  Subscription news service.  Sample issue available.

  • All Aviation FlightLine OnLine  Air race news, articles, and features.

  • Asia Pacific Aviation News  APAN is a controlled circulation publication available free of charge to qualified senior management of airlines and general aviation operation.  Private owners of high performance general aviation aircraft based in the region are also eligible.

  • Aviation Law News  An informational site with the latest aviation news, NTSB information, accident reports, safety precautions and easy access to lawyers specializing in aviation law.

  • Aviation Week Group Newsletters  Nine publications covering specific industry segments: Aviation Daily, Aerospace Daily, The Weekly of Business Aviation, ATC Market Report, and AvNews Latin America & Caribbean.

  • Caribbean AirNews Archive  A subscription-based archive that reflects articles about matters related to aviation in the eastern Caribbean collected daily from a range of newspapers on line.  There are no restrictions on the articles collected, but all articles archived must have been published in a legitimate newspaper.

  • Carrier Aviation News  Aircraft carrier news, and other related topics.

  • CNN Airport Network  Available at over 1,700 passenger gates in 38 major airports, they are the television sets at passenger gates that constantly run an airport-personalized version of CNN news, delivered via satellite.

  • European Business Air News  A news and directory site for owners and flyers of business aircraft - fixed wing and helicopters.

  • European Light Aircraft News  News and info about European ultralight, microlight and experimental air crafts, pilots, flying, helpful links.

  • Flight Daily News  The the online version of the tabloid newspaper produced on all of the trade days at the world's leading air shows - Paris, Farnborough, Singapore and Dubai.

  • Flt Tech Online  An online newsletter from the Air Economics Group which focuses on the implemtation of new aviation technology in areas such as: communications, navigation, surveillance, air traffic management, information management, cockpit retrofits and upgrades, safety, institutions, inflight entertainment.

  • Frost & Sullivan  This resource for industry professionals provides in-depth analysis of the aerospace and defense market on a weekly basis.  The worldwide team of analysts provide strategic insights, ideas, and recommendations to subscribers based on the continuing research at Frost & Sullivan.

  • HKG News Spotters page with aviation news from Hong Kong.

  • Jane's Airport Review  Current airport news headlines, with articles by subscription.

  • middleastlogistics.com  Business leads, news, and features from The Middle East.

  • WWW.NAVLOG.ORG  News about military aviation, electronic warfare, weapons systems, and related topics.

  • Uniworld  This consulting company offers a free subscription to its China Civil Aviation Report (CCAR), an English language newsletter devoted to reporting on current events in China's Civil Aviation Industry with the sanction and informational support of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

  • Venik's Aviation Page  Portal page featuring Russian, U.S., and world aviation news.  (Graphics, Java, and cookie intense.)

  • WorldACD Services Pte Ltd  A news and data service for the worldwide cargo community.