air racing websites

  • Aero GP  The ultimate air racing experience

  • Air Racing  Photo galleries, news, links to racing team home pages.

  • Air Racing History  an excellent history of air racing and record breaking

  • All Aviation FlightLine OnLine  Air race news, articles, and features.

  • American Air Racing  A full service builder support facility for the Thunder Mustang and the Legend kit planes.

  • Flying Aces an exciting new European air racing series

  • Formula V Air Racing  A competitive motorsport where race pilots flying custom-built airplanes and race one another around an aerial oval race course marked out with pylons.  Formula V air races are held as a feature attraction at major airshows around the USA.  The raceplanes can reach lap speeds of over 170 Mph.

  • International Formula One Air Racing  The oldest continuously operated airplane racing class in existence where the top racers use NASA technology to reach top speeds approaching 300 mph on the same engine that powers a Cessna 150 to barely 100 mph.

  • On Line Air Racing Hall Of Fame  Nominate and vote for your favorite air racing people and machines.

  • Reno Air Racing Association  Official web site of the National Championship Air Races and Air Show.

  • Society of Air Racing Historians  Established to preserve complete and accurate records of air races, racepilots, and raceplanes.

  • Sport Pilot resources for the sport and racing pilot

  • U.S. Air Race, Inc.  Established in 1994 to perpetuate the sport of cross country air racing, promote General Aviation, and improve all pilot skills through competition.  They support youth and collegiate aviation endeavours.

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