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Homebuilt & Experimental Aircraft Websites

  • Kitplane Direct  The store dedicated to the world of Aviation.

  • Experimental aircraft  About homebuilt aircraft including specifications and performance data.

  • Experimental Aircraft Info  A passion for aviation and for sharing knowledge on building and flying homebuilt, experimental aircraft and promoting safe flying along the way. On the site you will find detailed information on aircraft and engine performance (diesels and turbines too) and VFR flight planning tips.

  • AeroCrafter Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook  More than 700 different models in 432 pages with over 1,000 photos and drawings.

  • Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co. A mail order supplier of specialty aviation tools used to build and maintain sheetmetal aircraft.

  • Builder's Bookstore  Aircraft construction books and videos.

  • Buyer's Guide for Ultralight Aircraft  This reference book shows over 200 ultralights, trikes, powered parachutes, gyros and vintage ultralights.

  • Daisy Mae biplane  Plans for homebuilt biplane

  • EAA SportAir Workshops  Weekend workshops that will prepare you to build your own airplane.  You can learn the needed skills and techniques to complete your amateur built aircraft.

  • Homebuilt Aircraft Ring Links to homebuilt sites.

  • HomeBuiltAirplanes.com  A discussion forum centred on homebuilt aircraft and the techniques for building and flying them.  Experimental Aircraft enthusiasts can get together to swap ideas, share stories, post pictures, publish technical data, and simply chit chat about aircraft.

  • Homebuilt homepage Kits and plans, homebuilt aircraft, vendors, homebuilders directory, clubs and newsletters, links, classified ads.

  • quickheads.com  all about the Burt Rutan design from the late 1970's called a Quickie

  • The Homebuilt Network Aircraft, companies, classifieds, aviation shop, airshows.

  • Hotel Tango Air Homebuilt links list.

  • Kitplanes Magazine Homebuilt aircraft overview, articles, subscription information, links.

  • Lyndhurst Touchdown Services Limited  We are the UK dealer for Dyn Aero, Arplast and agents for other aviation parts and accessories.

  • Rv-ation Bookstore  RV books, operator manuals, handbooks, maintenance references, and other flying books.

  • Sea and Sky Aviation Page For the homebuilt aviation enthusiast.  Links and information.

  • Top Flight Services, Inc.  Homebuilt completions, repairs, and modifications.

  • ULflight.com  Do-it-yourself propeller balancer, digital propeller balancer, digital thrust tester, and digital g-meter with remote g-sensor for ultralight and experimental aircraft.

Sites Dedicated to Specific Aircraft

  • American Air Racing  A full service builder support facility for the Thunder Mustang and the Legend kit planes.

  • Cri-Cri Aircraft  Homepage of Cri-Cri. The world smallest homebuilt plane. History, movies, pictures.

  • DR-107 One Design Builders Page  For One Design builders and prospective builders with tips, pictures, connections to suppliers of plans, parts, and sub assemblies.

  • The Eagle Interchange Dedicated to all enthusiasts of the Christen/Aviat Eagle II.

  • Europa Club Online Membership, mailing list, builders project page, newsletters, FTP site, links.

  • Flightstar Sportplanes  Flightstar ultralight or experimental tractor aircraft kit.

  • Quickie Builders Association  This page is maintained by Quickie enthusiasts and dedicated to the Quickie/Q2/Q200 series of Homebuilt Aircraft.

  • StarGate Resource for builders of GlaStar Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft.

  • The "Unofficial" Woodstock Homepage A plans built, wood and fabric glider designed by the late Jim Maupin of California. Available in 12 and 13 meter wingspans, it was designed to be simple and inexpensive to build with common tools and fabrication processes, using a minimum of space.  The purpose of this page is to 1) promote the Woodstock design, 2) provide information about the Woodstock to potential builders, and 3) foster communications between Woodstock builders, owners, and enthusiasts.

  • Vision Builders Web Page Vision is a low wing, composite, 2 place airplane with conventional landing gear that is built entirely from detailed plans and instructions.

Engines for Experimental and Kit Planes

  • Aero Sport Power  Specializes in manufacturing new aircraft engines and overhauling specific models and accessories for experimental aircraft.  In-house non-destructive testing, cylinder overhaul and custom cylinder flow testing, camshaft grinding, and accessory overhauls.

  • Fly Corvair  William Wynne's site for converting corvair engines.  This site has resources for custom aircraft conversion parts and information, including manuals that William has written.  Complete converted engines are becoming available.

  • Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc.  VW auto engine conversion for experimental aircraft: engines, kits, and components.

  • Lockwood Aviation Supply  Rotax aircraft engine parts plus other light aircraft parts and accessories.

  • Rotec Engineering  Radial engines for homebuilt enthusiasts.

  • UltraVair  Plans for converting a six cylinder Corvair engine into a two cylinder "Ultralight Corvair" engine.  Only 80 lbs and 35+ horsepower.

  • VW Engines Centre  Experimental aircraft engines and components.  Specialist in PSRU and Direct Drive and distributor of Bolly propellors and hubs.

Sources for Kits and Plans

  • AAC Amphibian Airplanes of Canada Ltd.  Provider of the Seastar amphibian fiberglass airplane kit.

  • Aerocomp Inc  11 designs of 2 to 10 place quick build composite kits.

  • Alcockandbrown Aviation  The ATEC experimental KIT VLA aircraft (TOW 544kg) has been type accepted by the Irish Aviation Authority and is also now listed by SAAC as an approved aircraft type in Ireland (Permit to Fly) category.  PPL required.  Kits are available for sale to home constructors with/without engine, with plans and in various stages to quick build kit.

  • American Affordable Aircraft  The Vision aircraft is an economical, 2 seat, all composite aircraft that is built from construction manuals and designed for first time builders.

  • Arkie's Air Plans Service  Sales of Early Bird Jenny aircraft plans and others like replica machine gun plans, Mini Ace reprints, and airplane plans that were traded in.

  • ATEC  Development, manufacture, and sale of kit and experimental light aeroplanes.

  • BD-Micro Technologies, Inc.  The BD-5 high performance single-place, low-wing, pusher-configuration sport plane.

  • Bushwhacker Air, LLC  Ridge Runner, Bushwhacker, and Bushcub Aircraft Kits, manufacturer of PA-18 Supercub Parts

  • The Cheeky A 2 seater microlight / ultralight design.

  • Excalibur Aircraft  Utilizes high strength, lightweight aircraft quality materials to provide a durable, dependable, and cost efficient lightweight ultralight/experimental aircraft.  Hardware is AN grade or Military Spec.

  • Facetmobile Home Page A low aspect ratio lifting body experimental homebuilt airplane.

  • The Hatz CB-1 Page  CB-1 plans, books, parts lists, tips, photos, events. Site of theAmerican Hatz Association.

  • Homebuilt Aviation Pty Ltd  Dedicated to the development of kit aircraft and components for the home builder, and to the promotion and growth of sport aviation - including an affordable low wing 2 place aircraft kit that includes the engine, engine mount, cowel bowl etc., and the the flight and engine instruments, wheels, tyres, billet disc brakes, fuel tank, seat belts, controls and undercarriage.

  • HP Aircraft, LLC  Parts and subkits for the HP/RS series homebuilt sailplanes originally offered by Bryan Aircraft.  Also various HP-18 upgrades, including a center-stick kit.

  • Ison Aircraft  A design and manufacturing company offering ultralight kits.  (Formerly TEAM Aircraft.)

  • Kestrel Aerospace Limited  Advanced design of composite personal VTOL aircraft.

  • The Knot South African 2 seat microlight / homebuilt under development for US$6200, using your own engine and instruments.

  • Loehle Aircraft Corporation  Replica aircraft kits: "5151" Mustang, P-40 Flying Tiger, Spitfire, and Sport Parasol.

  • Mid-American Helicopter Inc. Mini-500 personal rotorcraft kit.

  • Mini-IMP Aircraft Company  Provider of parts, kits, newsletters and builders assistance for the construction and completion of Molt Taylor's Mini-IMP homebuilt aircraft.

  • MuscleBiplane.org Unlimited Class precision flying and competitive aerobatic aircraft from the original Christen Eagle II airframe design.

  • The New Kolb Aircraft Home Page  The designs include the Laser, Slingshot, Fire Star, Fire Fly, and Mark III.

  • Pazmany Aircraft Corporation  Plans available for Pazmany PL-9 Stork.

  • RANS Aircraft Kit plane descriptions, specs, performance, features, and pricing.

  • RotorWay International Information on Rotorway 162F kitplanes.

  • Seawind  Offical home page for the Seawind, a fast, four place amphibian.

  • Sonex, Ltd.  The Sonex is a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane available as a full kit.

  • The Sparrow XC  Information, specifications, pictures.

  • Thorp T211 Homepage Light aeroplane kit or ready built from AD Aerospace.

  • Thunder Mustang by Papa 51 Ltd. Co.  P-51 Mustang replica kits.

  • The Ultimate Fun in Flying  Sales, assembly and service of a 2 seater amphibian aircraft with retractable gear and a 912cc 4 stroke Rotax aircraft engine.

  • U.S. Pacific  Mitchell Wing ultralight home-builts.

  • Van's Aircraft, Inc. RV series kit aircraft.

  • Windexair AB  Windex 1200C Motorized fully aerobatic sailplane sold as a kit.

  • Windward Performance  Offering a high performance ultralight (FAR Part 103 legal) sailplane called the Sparrowhawk.

  • The World of Homebuilt Helicopters  Plans and kits for one and two-seat homebuilt helicopters and gyroplanes.

  • Zenith Aircraft Company  The official home page for Zenair designs and kit aircraft.  Detailed information and resources on sport (experimental) aviation and homebuilt kit planes.

Builder Web Pages

Parts and Components for Experimental and Homebuilt Aircraft

  • Aeroelectric Connection Electrical systems of interest to amateur builders.

  • Aircraft Extras, Inc.  Products for homebuilders: low fuel warning, low oil warning, Alternatice Canopies, electroluminescent lighting, many RV-Products and more.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. Worldwide distributors of certified & homebuilt aircraft supplies. Workshops, online catalog, sport aircraft and general aviation direcory, mailing list.

  • Atlas spinners.com  Supplier of 6 inch blank spinner kits for ultralights and small craft.

  • Avionics for Homebuilts  An avionics service company specializing in homebuilt/experimental aircraft only.  FCC licensed tech offers design and install services.  Harness kits with or without radios and accessories available.  Company based near Memphis, TN, USA.

  • CLEAR AIR TOOLS Quality Aircraft Tools for both the Homebuilder and Professional.

  • Composite Design  Avionics and power systems for home built aircraft.  Includes power panels, EFIS, GPS, fuel monitoring, auto pilot, speed brake, and landing gear retract systems.  Custom instrument panels.

  • Control Vision Corporation  Homebuilt aircraft electrical components.  Also the SimHawk PRO Personal Simulator and the Anywhere color moving map for Windows CE.

  • EPM-AV Corporation  All stainless steel firewall penetration systems.  Heater selector box and wire/cable fittings seal firewall in the unfortunate event of engine fire.  Light weight, high temperature, fire barrier.

  • Grove Aircraft Company  Manufacture and sale of landing gear, wheels and brakes, etc. for both certified and experimental aircraft.

  • Lockwood Aviation Supply  Light aircraft parts and accessories.

  • Matronics  The FuelScan digital fuel totalizer system and return flow controller, and the Governor Mk III speed reduction and switch multiplexer for the MAC Trim series of aircraft trim servos.

  • Precision Composite Inc.  Custom molded composites: fuel cells, wheelpants, instrument pods, prop rock guards.

  • Precision Design Inc.  Aftermarket parts for kitplanes.

  • Vortech International, Inc.  Rotor blades for homebuilt helicopters and gyroplanes.

  • VW Engines Centre  Experimental aircraft engines and components.  Specialist in PSRU and Direct Drive and distributor of Bolly propellers and hubs.

  • Wicks Aircraft Supply  A worldwide catalog retail store for homebuilders.  Also custom sheet metal cutting, woodmilling, and tube cutting.

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