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Flight Simulation Software

  • Abacus  Software titles: Flight Deck II, PBY Catalina, Pacific Theatre, Battle for Midway, Combat Squadron, Corporate Pilot, Private Pilot Training, FS Design Studio Pro, Private Pilot.

  • Aces High  An interactive online WWII air and sea combat simulation game where hundreds of players can battle it out with and against each other.

  • The Aero Section  Military aircraft images from the Net and from a private collection.

  • aeroware.eu - europe´s big aviation shop  aeroware, Germany’s biggest dealers for aviation media, stands for years of experience in online-dispatch and guarrantees a selection of well-chosen goods – true to our motto: “By aviators for aviators”.

  • Allied FS Group  AFG is a freeware flightsim developer group, based around Microsoft FlightSimulator 2000.  Flight simulation aircraft, panels, sound updates, forum, newsletter, polls, previews, links.

  • Andy's Flight Simulator Page  FS news, scenery by geographic location, aircraft, tutorials, articles, links.  Nice site.

  • AVSIM Online  Flight sim news, links, classifieds, forums, scenery list, online mall, and lots of other resources.

  • Bearsoft  GetWeather freeware lets you download weather scenarios to your hard drive for later (offline) use.

  • Belgian Aero Simulator Club  Belgian aircraft and photo realistic scenery.

  • Blackwebszm.com  FS2002/2004 flight simulator internet links.

  • Bombs-Away.net  A fan site with information about Microprose B-17 Flying Fortress: news, downloads, FAQs, stories, forum.

  • camsim  Boeing and Airbus flight sim aircraft.

  • Captain Sim  Developers and sellers of top-quality MSFS add-ons, including Legendary – 707, F-104, Ñ-130 and more…

  • Roy Chaffin - R.C.S. Panels  MS Flight Simulator add ons.

  • Combat Flight Center  Resources for users of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator.

  • Combat Flight Simulator WW II flight simulator from Microsoft.

  • combatsim.com Combat sim news, hownloads, hardware, forums, on-line shoping, forums, links.

  • Echo Flight Web Site  Online approach charts and airport diagrams.

  • E-Flight Aviation news, download flight sim add-ons, aircraft specs.

  • Elite  PC-based IFR simulation.

  • First Flight: The Wright Experience Flight Simulator  Aerodynamically accurate, PC based simulation of the Wright Brother's glider and flyers.

  • Fly Away Simulation  A great community with flight simulation downloads, news, reviews and information, forums, and much more.

  • Flight Explorer  Product information, downloads, bugs, discussion from Dimensions International.

  • The FlightGear Flight Simulator  A free, open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight sim development project.  Source code for the entire project is available and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

  • Flight One Software  Publisher of flight simulation products: Ultimate Airlines for FS2000, SnapIT, FSClouds 2000, 777-200, Giants of the Sky 747-400, Combat Clouds, Legendary Aircraft, Royal Air Force 2000, Airline Simulator 2, Pacific Combat Pilot, X-Plane.

  • The Flightsim Aviation Zone  Flight Simulator, Flying, Aviation: downloads, photos, screenshots, aviation theory, ATC glossary, information, links, FAQ, VA listing.  Daily updates.

  • FlightSimDownloads.com  Add-ons for Flight Simulator from Abacus.

  • Flight Sims  A flight simulation development and game team, designing aircraft, panels, textures, and applications.  Download all types of FS files from CFS, FS2000, FS 2002, CFS2, and more.

  • Flight Simmers Net  Advertiser sponsored free Webspace for flight simmers.

  • Flight Simulation homepage Patches, scenery designer, Tahiti scenery, planes, panels, planners.

  • Flight Simulator 2000 - Independent Online Reference Guide  FS2000 and FS98 reference guide, planes, panels, hardware information, how to set up multiple displays, easter eggs, hints.

  • Flight Simulator Navigation  A navigation tutorial devoted to flight simulator enthusiasts.

  • The Flight Unlimited Airport  A Website about the third installment in the Flight Unlimited series.

  • Flight1.com  Simulation products available for purchase on-line from different publishers and dealers: aircraft add-ons, scenery, utilities, software, hardware.

  • FlightSim.com  Flight simulation news, reviews and opinion, monthly contest, message forums, shopping, files, FAQs.

  • FlightSim Planner98  A flight planning and navigational tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • Freeware Flight Group  The FFG produces aircraft, panels, sounds, and other add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • FS Bench User news section, forum, hints and tips, lots more.

  • FSHeartland.net  Scenery and panels for Microsoft Flight Simulator, tutorials, information and links for designers of scenery or panels.

  • FsJets.Com  A business jet Web site for flight simulator pilots and aviation fans, featuring aircraft and add-on files designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • FSTraffic Official Site  The FSTraffic program generates AI traffic around any airport.

  • Hang Sim  Features, requirements, screenshots, and demo download of a flight model built especially to simulate low speed flight.

  • Hendriks Homepage German page with Weather and Sound Support Version 2.0 for FS5 / FS95 / FS98.

  • Hooters Virtual Airlines  Original Hooters Virtual Airline flys tru out US. The fleet includes B737-500, DC-9, B1900, B747-400, B757-200 B727-200 B737-800 aircraft

  • Jeppesen  All about SIMcharts: software that gives flight simulator users the ability to sort, view, and print realistic Jeppesen terminal charts (SID's, STAR's, Approaches, and Airport Diagrams).

  • Just Flight, Ltd.  The Real Airports scenery package includes large airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.

  • Justin Tyme's FS Genesis Web Site Scenery, downloads, links.

  • LAGO  European flight simulator publisher.  Offers the Italy 2000 downloadable scenery package for MS Flight Simulator 2000 which contains Italian airports.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Web Site Screen shots, news, mailing list, and more about FS98.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002  Interactive ATC, auto-generated scenery, artificial intelligence generated air traffic, new aircraft models, enhanced virtual 3-D cockpits, flight analysis.  See also UK site (www.flightsim2002.co.uk).

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Century of Flight  Fly the Wright Flyer and 8 other historic airplanes.

  • MiGMan's Combat Diary  Sim guides, hardware, references, and virtual flight sim museum with sim titles by year.

  • MSFS Gateway  Contains illustrated links to over 300 international sites offering add-ons, downloads and tutorials for MS Flight Simulator.

  • NOMISSOFT GmbH  Airline Simulator 2 (AS2) features simulation of MD-83, MD-88 and B747-400 Airliners flying around Europe and across the Atlantic in detailed scenery.  Experience the aircraft and workload of handling pilots in ATC guided flights, and cooperate with the virtual first officer.

  • PC Aviator  Software and hardware sale, tech support, downloads, mailing list.

  • Perfect Flight 2000 Project  Adventures and add-ons for FS2000.

  • Precision Manuals Development Group  PMDG produces add-on products for flight simulation.

  • Pro Pilot Comprehensive simulator.

  • RC Simulations  A UK flight sim company with add ons, flight controls and hardware, training, flight sim show date and info, email list.

  • RealityCraft  The RC Plane Master 3D R/C flight simulator for model aircraft runs on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP.

  • Russian Page of MS Flight Simulator 98/2K & CFS  Russian aircraft, panels, and scenery covering territory of former USSR.

  • Scenery Hall of Fame Specializing in add-on scenery for Microsoft's Flight-Simulator, including FS5, FS6, FS98 and Combat versions, as well as A/S Airline Simulator, and ATP Airline Transport Pilot.  Also, a very large list of screen savers, cursors, and desktop themes.

  • SimAir 2000  Top Choice aircraft files, utilities, plus lots more all for FS2000 - FS2002 - FS2004.

  • SimHQ.com  A great resource and information site for simulation enthusiasts: news, reviews, features.

  • Simviation  Panels, scenery, aircraft, forums, help, news, and flight sim information.

  • SimWare Simulations  A hobby shop with hardware and software for aviation enthusiasts.

  • Solo Aviation - Enjoy the ultimate flying experience  Solo Aviation provides a high quality pilot training experience using the latest facilities.

  • Terramodels for Fly II  Terramodels is a powerful freeware scenery generator for the Fly II simulator.

  • Tim's Air Navigation Simulator  A web-based VOR simulator.

  • TMA Home Page  TMA air traffic control simulator official home page with information and software upgrades.

  • Touch-N-Go! Lighting Fast Flight Sim Links (TM)  A fast loading, no graphics links page.

  • Wilco Publishing  Publisher of 767 Pilot in Command, Tahiti Scenery, Grand Canyon, Hangsim, X-Pansion, Airport 2000, and Wilco's 737.

  • X-Plane  Subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics, aircraft from the Robinson R-22 personal helicopter and Cessna 172 light plane to the supersonic Concorde and Mach-3 XB-70 Valkyrie.

  • X-Plane Canada  Civil and military aircraft for download, scenery, links.

  • X-Planer Fr - tuto    French language site offering illustrated tutorials on installing, setting-up and learning X-Plane, flying basics, flight planning, instruments, radio navigation, how to fly a helicopter and many other aspects of using X-Plane.

  • X-Plane.org  X-Plane products, downloads, news, information, Web hosting for X-Plane Websites.

  • XPCity  The unofficial X-Plane homepage with scenery, textures, planes, logbook.

  • Yorkshire Flight Centre  Boeing 737 and F4 Phantom full motion hydraulic flight simulators in England.  Also offering balloon flights.

PC Flight Simulation Hardware

  • The B52 Ejection Seat FltSim Desk Chair  A hollow fiberglass box that resembles the shape of the ACES II ejection seat.

  • Bugeye Technologies Inc  (Bugeye) is a manufacturer of innovative displays that provide a 3D perceived display with exceptional realism at an affordable cost.. These displays are based on technology that Bugeye has licensed from The Boeing Company (Boeing) based on technology developed by Boeing for use in training military pilots.

  • combatsim.com Combat sim news, hownloads, hardware, forums, on-line shoping, forums, links.

  • Flight Link  An airplane and helicopter flight simulator control manufacturer offering a comprehensive selection of aviation training devices, and serving individual flight simulation enthuasists and the military.  Founded in 1988.

  • Monsta's Computer Gaming Systems  Gaming Chair: a series of add-on components that you attach to your office or desk chair that will allow you to mount your input devices directly to your chair.

  • PC Aviator Scenery for MS Flight Sim, classic aircraft, mailorder software and hardware.

  • RC Simulations  A UK flight sim company with add ons, flight controls and hardware, training, flight sim show date and info, email list.

  • Saitek  A range of game controllers and peripherals for PC and Console.

Air Traffic Control Simulation

  • ATCsimulator by Aerosoft  An ATC simulator for the PC.  Take on the role of Approach or Departure controller at your choice of 120 Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities (TRACONs).  Your goal is to allow for the "safe and expeditious" flow of air traffic.  It is your job to assist the pilots arriving at airports inside your airspace boundaries by lining them up for an approach (preparing for a landing).  It is also your job to assist pilots departing your airspace by handing them over to the Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) controller at the appropriate time or fix location.

  • London Control  A sophisticated air traffic control simulator for the personal computer.  It's a simulation of real ATC at the London and Manchester ACCs and TCC.

  • Micro Nav Ltd - Air Traffic Control Simulation Systems  Providers of air traffic control and fighter control training simulators for civil and military users.

  • NATCA - ATC Simulators  Links to a number of ATC simulator sites.

  • SATCO  Virtual air traffic controllers using ProController to supply ATC services to virtual pilots flying on the Internet with Microsoft® Flight Simulator and SquawkBox.

  • Simulated Sky - ISENA Air Traffic Control Simulators  Interactive air traffic control simulations.  New generation of basic and advanced ATC training software featuring feed-back, stand-alone module and many advanced training tools.

  • Xavius Software Air Traffic Control Center is a realistic simulation of actual radar sectors in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles Enroute Air Traffic Control Centers.

Helicopter Simulation

  • Helicopter Simulator Custom built helicopter simulators for sale or hire

  • The LZ  This site focuses strickly on flight simulator helicopters and offers flight instruction, helicopter resources for FS, history links and training with videos, still shots, and more.

  • X-Plane  Subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics, aircraft from the Robinson R-22 personal helicopter and Cessna 172 light plane to the supersonic Concorde and Mach-3 XB-70 Valkyrie.

Soaring Simulation

  • Silent Wings  A soaring flight simulator for Linux and Win9x/NT platforms.  This is a hobby project so development work may be slow in coming.

  • SFSPC  A soaring simulator for PCs that models the physical characteristics of a glider: launch, landing, soaring, aerobatics and ridge soaring.  Available through GlidingShop.com.

Virtual Airlines

  • AirLine  A virtual carrier.

  • ACE Aviation  Current projects include the Airline Charter Enterprises (ACE) virtual airline, and AvLink, a banner exchange program for aviation oriented web sites.

  • AirCare America  A small VA whose prime directive is the transport of the sick and injured to higher medical facilites.  Lifeguard flights for illness, mercy mission flights for disasters.

  • The Air Group Alliance  The Alliance consists of the Latin Group and the Euro/Asia group.

  • Air Pacifica VA  A small virtual airline servicing the Caribbean Sea, with local and regional flights servicing the US and British Virgin Islands, San Juan, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua and more.  International flight service to Florida, Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico.

  • AIRLINE  A business simulation aimed at aviation enthusiasts: set schedules, order new aircraft, refurbish (chose from specific seats for each class of travel) or sell off older aircraft, buy into other airlines or launch a takeover and merge their fleet into yours.  Schedule up to 3000 aircraft and fly to any of 6000+ airports worldwide with fleet possibilities ranging from a DC8 or 707 through the latest offerings from Boeing, Airbus, and other manufacturers.

  • AirlineSim  The site for an online airline simulator where participants compete against the other players.

  • Association of Virtual Aviation of South Africa  The objectives are to control, promote, encourage, and advance virtual aviation as a recreation and sport in South Africa.

  • British Airways Virtual  A Virtual Airline for FS2000 and FS98.

  • British Virtual Airways  Become a pilot for BVAir. 

  • CPAV  Cathay Pacific virtual airline.

  • Eastern Virtual Airlines  A virtual airline bearing the famous Eastern name, and carrying on the tradition into the future.

  • Eurasian Airlines Virtual   We are a new chilled out Virtual Airline based in the United Kingdom with Bases in the Uk , Usa , France & Spain We are currently recruiting pilots both Novice & Experienced so visit us now!!

  • EuroBerlin Virtual Airlines

  • Hellenic Airways  A Greek virtual airline.

  • Virtual Airlines Web Ring  A list of the sites in this VA Web Ring.

  • Virtual Austrian Airlines  A virtual airline for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Also virtual Star Alliance.

  • Virtual Royal Danish Air Force  A Danish site presenting a virtual copy of the Royal Danish Airforce for dedicated Microsoft FS flysimmers.  Operating all the aircrafts on four Danish airforce bases.  A full educational program from flying school to fully operative pilot, and founded by a a former professional flight instructor.

  • Vorona Aviation   We are a virtual airline based on the island of Madagascar and fly domestically as well as internationally. Our international routes link us to the African mainland, Europe, Asia and North America. Our domestic routes carry holidaymakers to resorts all over the island, as well as ferrying scientists researching the unique wildlife for which Madagascar is famous.

Flight Simulators

  • 737 Cockpit Simulator  Flying enthusiast building Boeing 737 cockpit simulator in Livermore, California.

  • 737Sim.com  A Boeing 737-700 Simulator project.

  • ACESIM.COM  Aerial Combat Engagement Simulators offers the JoyRider two axis flight motion simulator you can build.

  • Advanced Simulation Systems  "Ready To Fly" helicopter and fixed wing flight simulators, flight simulation hardware, 3D software, cockpit panels, flight controls, avionics, technical tips and flight simulation resources.

  • The Airborne and Special Operations Museum  Ride in a pitch, roll, and yaw Vista-Dome Motion Simulator at this Fayetteville, North Carolina museum.

  • Alsim  Manufactures flight trainers that fill the gap between PC based desk top devices and full flight simulators.  The company's product range is aimed at flight centres and airline companies.

  • Arnold Engineering Development Center  The U.S. Air Force's AEDC is the complex of flight simulation test facilities that supports U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, commercial and international customers.

  • Boeing 707 Simulator Serial #0001  History, tech data, stories, pictures. Quite an interesting and informative site.

  • Boulder's SimAuthor, Inc.  The FlightViz software system creates fully interactive, high fidelity, 3D graphical representations of aircraft and simulator data.

  • CAE  A provider of simulation technologies and integrated training services to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, defence forces, and marine customers worldwide.

  • Classic Flight  Real flight simulators from the classic jet age: HS Trident and Douglas DC9, both located in SE England.  Sessions at lower price than current jet sims.  No experience necessary.  Gift vouchers available.

  • ETC Aircrew Training Systems  Environmental Tectonics Corporation's training systems and support services are used by nations all over the world, training pilots to complete their missions successfully and avoid or escape mishaps, including the GAT-II flight trainer, a low cost, full function flight trainer for General Aviation.

  • ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.  Producer of simulators and advanced training devices including systems for pilots, locomotive-drivers, armored vehicles and weapon system operators in Poland.

  • F-15C Eagle Flight Simulator Project  A project to build a simulator from an old section of an F-15.

  • Fantasy of Flight  Aviation themed attraction in Florida, USA with flight simulators and exhibits.

  • flightsimulator.ch  Fully functional full motion flight simulator based on Microsofts' FS 98.  700 lbs load capacity, glass cockpit, multicrew, instructor desk.

  • Frasca International, Inc. Full flight simulators, flight training devices.

  • High Rev Simulators  A manufacturer and integrator of training devices, simulators, simulation, force feedback, flight controls, cyclic, collectives, joysticks, stick, throttles, yokes, ACESII and NACES ejections seats.

  • Mechtronix Systems  Ascent IFR trainers for single and twin piston, and full flight trainers for turboprop and jet aircraft.

  • NLX  This Rockwell Collins company provides simulation and training systems and related services.

  • The Real Cockpit  TRC Development designs and manufactures realistic Flight Training Devices utilizing replicas of real instruments.

  • SimCom International Simulator based initial and recurrent training for private pilots, small twin prop.  Simulators built under contract.

  • Soko Z.I.  An aerospace company located in Zagreb, Croatia with a multidisciplinary team developing high-tech products such as unmanned aerial vehicles and flight simulators.

  • Thales Group  Supplier of simulation and training systems and services for commercial airliners.

  • Virtual Aviation  Virtual Aviation offer simulator flights for the general public in BA Flight Training's full-motion airliner simulators at London Heathrow Airport. Available aircraft types include the latest Boeing 777 and Boeing 747-400. For all users of computer flight simulators, this has to be the ultimate opportunity to try the 'real thing'!

  • World-Flight 2003  A group of aviation enthusiasts that fly a home-built commercial jet aircraft cockpit simulator around the world in order to raise money for children's charities.