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Abbreviations, Acronyms, & Terms

Aircraft FAQs & Facts

  • AeroSite Aircraft Info  Nice profile drawings, descriptions, and specs for Airbus, Boeing, Ilyushin, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Tupolev, and Regional aircraft.

  • aircraft performance  very complete list of civil aircraft performances and specifications

  • aircraft profiles  very inclusive profiles of aircraft through the years

  •  At this site you can search for IATA and ICAO aircraft codes.

  • AOPA Online - Statistical Reference Guide  Provides data on active general aviation aircraft, registrations, landings, hours flown by aircraft and use, aircraft shipments, accident data.

  • AviationDB - Aircraft Search  Reports emailed to your address and showing the current registered owner of the aircraft, information regarding the aircraft itself, any Service Difficulty Reports (SDRs) filed, and any accidents involving the aircraft.

  • Boeing Commercial Aeroplanes  Good source for facts, photographs, history, news releases about commercial aircraft.

  • Boeing: The Wonder of Flight  Explains how things fly (manmade and otherwise, powered and not).  The Century of Discovery page offers a timeline of flight with pictures and information.

  • Designation Systems FAQ  Good reference information for military aircraft from around the world.

  • Groen Brothers Aviation - What is a Gyroplane?

  • Ken's Aircraft  Aircraft specs, information, and photos by nation, manufacturer, designation, location (museums, airshows, airports), and name.  Engines by manufacturer and designation.

  • Low - Aircraft Registration Search  Search an aircraft registration database.

  •  This site has a number of databases that provide useful information to visitors, including Aircraft Background Investigation, Aircraft Performance & Specifications, Homebuilt / Experimental Database.

  • The Plane Page Commericial and military aircraft factsheets.

  • See How It Flies  An on-line book about the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight: energy management, angle of attack, airfoils and airflow, lift and drag, damping and stalls, stability and trim, torque budget, slips and rolls, landing, takeoff, cross-country flying, emergency procedures, flight maneuvers, multi-engine flying, and other topics.

  • US Military Aircraft  Facts, specs, statistics, and photos from the Federation of American Scientists.

  • WHEL | Aerospace Resources & more  Data sheets for current civil jet aircraft, such as widebody, narrow body, business, regional, and cargo jets.

Airline FAQs & Facts

  • AeroTransport Data Bank  This great site has airline information (name and alias, dates formed and dissolved or renamed, country of origin and base airport, IATA and ICAO codes, short historical summary), fleet data, country information, aircraft orders, aircraft orders.

  • Airline information on-line on the Internet FAQ  There is an enormous amount of information available on the Web about airlines and aviation.  This FAQ concentrates on schedules, fares, reservations, and tickets for commercial airlines, and on-line travel agents.

  •  At this site you can search for IATA and ICAO airline codes.

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes - Jetliner Safety Information Site  Contains extensive information about aviation safety: what it is, who is responsible, and how accidents are investigated.  Of interest to parents, teachers, and young aviation enthusiasts is the flash media demonstration that shows in an easy-to-understand way how jetliners fly.

  • IATA FAQ  Lots of information and statistics about airlines: passengers, freight, traffic, etc.

  • Airline Callsigns  Extensive list provided by Monitoring Times magazine.

  • Airline Codes  3-digit, 2-digit, and airline ticketing codes.

  • Airline information on-line on the Internet  This FAQ concentrates on schedules, fares, reservations, and tickets for commercial airlines, and on-line travel agents.  Also, a listing of on-line specials, sources of special fares and other deals available over the net.

  • Airline Tips for Large Passengers  Guidelines in order to maximize comfort while flying.

  • Ken's Airlines  Airline history, fleet, and other information.

  • - Airliner Production Lists  Airbus and Boeing production lists, airline fleet information with IATA and ICAO codes, links and more.

  • Pyramid Media Group  A provider of print and electronic media for the business, travel, and aerospace markets: airline logos, fleets, aircraft encyclopedia, manufacturers, orders and deliveries, photos.

Airport FAQs & Facts

Information about Aviation Companies

  •  Meeting the information needs of professionals within the civil and military aerospace community with a manufacturers directory, Asian Military Review and Gulf Defence Magazine, and other services.

  •  This virtual exhibit hall for the aerospace technology industry includes online databases of suppliers and service providers, as well as industry news, and conference listings.

  •  A pay-to-list site that has the phone numbers of hundreds of aviation companies.

  • CorporateInformation  Locate web sites worldwide which contain information about a specific company.  Research an industry or company by country or by state.  Requires registration.

  • The Defence and Aerospace Directory  Search engine for companies, products, and contacts.  From Defence Data Ltd.

  • Gulf Aviation Guide  Detailed business information, contacts, and services in the Arabian Gulf region.

  • Hoover's Online  This service provides company capsules, news, profiles, and stock information for all types of companies.  Click Companies & Industries and look in the Aerospace & Defense Sector.

  • Speednews Aviation Stocks  Stock prices, volumes, 52-week range, and P/E ratios, and other data for airlines and aviation/aerospace companies.

  • Thomas Regional Industrial Directory  Search by product or service, brand name, or company.  Or look in the Aerospace & Aircraft Equip. & Services product category.

  • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers  Locate manufacturers and distributors of products and services.  Membership (free) required.

Engine FAQs & Facts

See the Engine Manufacturers category for links to engine OEMs.

Soaring FAQs & Facts

Theory of Flight FAQs & Facts

Other Aviation FAQs and Information Sources


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