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Aircraft Engine Manufacturers

  • Allison Engine Company Product summary, news.

  • Aviadvigatel  Design of gas turbine engines for civil and military aviation, as well as design of industrial gas turbines for ground and marine application.  Engineering services in mechanics, vibrations, combustion, aerodynamics, and computer-aided design.

  • BMW Rolls-Royce AeroEngines  Engine data, customers, images.  Also news, history, and contacts.

  • CFM International  Engine facts, fleet statistics, news.  Online ordering of CFM logo products

  • Compact Radial Engines Inc.  Manufacturer and distributor of multi-purpose 2-stroke engines (including the MZ line of engines) from facilities in British Columbia, Canada.

  • GE-P&W Engine Alliance, LLC  Homepage for the General Electric - Pratt & Whitney GP7000 engine alliance.  Alliance information, applications and benefits, customer interface, contacts.

  • GE Aircraft Engines  Products and services, tech pubs,customer training, customer support.

  • Honeywell  Allied Signal APUs for OEMs and airlines.

  • International Aero Engines  Technical information, customer list (with nice logo images), press releases, photo gallery of advert images.

  • MTU Aero Engines  This German engine manufacturer provides engine development, engine production, and maintenance services for civil and military aero engines and industrial gas turbines.

  • Pratt & Whitney  Company profile, news center, career information, features, customer training, engine services.  S

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada  Company news and information, products, customer support, customer help desk contact info.

  • Rolls Royce  Products and services, worldwide contacts, news, history, career information.

  • Rotec Engineering  Radial engines for homebuilt enthusiasts.

  • SWB Turbines, Inc. SWB Turbines is in the business of and has the capability to conceive, engineer, design, fabricate, test, produce and implement micro turbine technology.

  • Teledyne Continental Motors  A supplier of power plants for manned and unmanned aircraft, including new and rebuilt piston engines and parts for general aviation aircraft.

  • Teledyne Technologies  Gas turbine engines for unmanned military aircraft, including remotely piloted vehicles, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

  • Textron Lycoming  Products, support, publications, industry links.

  • Williams International  Development and manufacture of small gas turbine engine technology.

Aircraft Engine Nacelles and Thrust Reversers

  • Airborne Nacelle Services, Inc.  An FAA/JAA station that repairs and overhauls nacelle components, inlet cowls, fan cowls, side cowls, and thrust reversers on Airbus, Boeing, DC, MD, and other aircraft.

  • Aircelle  Airbus nacelle systems.

  • Hurel-Hispano  Development, design, and production of nacelle/thrust reverser systems and aerostructures for medium and long-range commercial aircraft, business jets, regional aircraft, and helicopters.

  • Lufthansa Technik Composite Tulsa  Specializes in repair and overhaul of composite assemblies used in fan reversers, nacelle cowlings and flight control surfaces installed on commercial and military aircraft operated worldwide.

  • Middle River Aircraft Systems  MRAS is a supplier of jet engine thrust reversers, providing reversers for General Electric and Pratt & Whitney.

Aircraft-Based Industrial Gas Turbines

  • Advanced Turbine Products, Inc.  A supplier to aftermarket customers for advanced technology hot gas path replacement parts for industrial gas turbines.

  • ALSTOM  Active in power generation, power transmission and distribution, and power conversion, including the use of aeroengine gas turbine technology.

  • Aviadvigatel  Design of industrial gas turbines for ground and marine application.

  • GE Power Systems  A supplier of power generation technology, energy services, and management systems.

  • P2 Energy  Delivers Pratt & Whitney industrial gas turbine equipment (300 KW to over 55 MW) and services solutions to the global energy industry.

  • Wood Group Pratt & Whitney Industrial Turbine Services, LLC  Sales, lease, and service of Pratt and Whitney GG3, GG4, and GG8 gas generators and free turbines.

Future Engine Technology

  • Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.  ISSI is a small research development company primarily serving the Aerospace community.  They have been collaborating with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Combustion Science Branch to study the physics of detonation initiation associated with Pulsed Detonation Engines (PDE’s).  Site offers a PDE FAQ and videos.

  • NASA Glenn Research Center - Pulse Detonation Engine Technology Project  The Pulse Detonation Engine Technology (PDET) Project within the Propulsion and Power R&T Base Program will evaluate the application of pulse detonation combustion technology to hybrid subsonic and supersonic gas turbine engines for commercial and military applications and combined cycle propulsion systems for access to space applications.

  • Pulse Detonation Engines  A good description of the physics involved.

Sites Related to Aircraft Engines

  • Aircraft Engine Design  Dedicated to education about gas turbine propulsion and aircraft engine design: courses, textbooks, data, cutaway engine pictures, pioneers, engine primer, library, links.

  • Aero engines  Aero engine database

  • The Aircraft Engine Historical Society  A non-profit educational and historical society, open to the public, which fosters an appreciation of the people, art, and science associated with aircraft engine development, manufacture, and use.

  • CFM56 Aircraft Engine Resource Directory  A free information site for the marketing and sourcing of CFM56 engine products and services: inventory postings, part suppliers, tech manuals, tooling suppliers, training centers, engine testing.

  • Honda Jets - Personal Honda Jets - Microjets : Hondajets is an online information resource for HondaJet, which is the experimental aircraft that has been developed by world renowned engine manufacturer Honda. We also have information regarding Microjets, Very Light Jets (VLJS), personal jets and private jets


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