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Aircraft-Specific Clubs

  • The Bellanca-Champion Club Serving owners and enthusiasts of the Bellanca (Crusair, Cruisemaster, Viking) and Champion (Citabria, Decathlon, Scout) and derivative lines of aircraft with information, publications and technical assistance.  Quarterly newsletter with owner experiences, maintenance items and topical information.

  • Cardinal Flyers Online  Help for owners of the Cessna Cardinal.  Email list available.

  • The Howard Aircraft Foundation Home Page The Howard Club is an organization of individuals dedicated to the ownership, restoration, and flying of aircraft designed and manufactured by Benny Howard and Gordon Isreal and The Howard Aircraft Company.

  • RAANZ - The Recreational Flying Organisation  RAANZ microlight clubs, information, technical pages, wallpaper downloads.

Balloon and Airship Clubs

  • The British Balloon and Airship Club The BBAC is a volunteer based organisation founded in 1965 which exists to promote lighter than air flying - hot air ballooning, gas ballooning and airship flying.

  • Pacific Coast Aeronauts  A club of hot air balloon enthusiasts with over 100 members in the San Francisco Bay Area, and other states in the U.S.

Flight Simulation Clubs

  • Belgian Aero Simulator Club  Belgian aircraft and photo realistic scenery.

  • Flight Simulator User Group-UK  A flight sim club open to all PC Pilots.  Membership benefits include contact with others through a membership directory, advice on hardware and software, free for sale and wanted advertising, a subscription to the magazine "Micro Aviator Journal."

Flying Clubs

  • A & E Flying Club of Los Angeles  Based at Hawthorne Airport (SOCAL) and formed in 1949 to promote low-cost, safe, recreational flying and skills improvement.

  • Aero Club Bahia de Malaga  A south Spain club with 4 Cessnas 172's, a C172RG, a Piper Cub and a P30 Twin Comanche.

  • Aero Club Reggio Calabria A South Italian flying club.

  • Aero Club of Southern Tasmania  Flying trips, flying competitions, information sessions, social functions.

  • Aspen Flying Club  A Metro Denver area club.

  • Australian Aerobatic Club  Formed to foster interest in the sport by providing opportunities to train and compete.  The club provides pilots and non-pilots the opportunity to learn and practice the judging techniques of competition aerobatics.  Club information, newsletter, events calendar, photos, and links.

  • Belfast Flying Club A light aircraft flying club formed in 1996 to provide pilot training and aircraft hire to members.  The club operates a Cessna 150 Aerobat from Belfast International Airport.  Group aircraft associated with the club include a Cherokee Warrior and Piper Arrow IV.

  • Boerne Flying Club  IFR Piper Warrior II based at Boerne Stage Airfield serving the San Antonio, Texas area.

  • Brampton Flying Club  Canadian flying club with air rallies, fly-in breakfasts, short fly-out trips, air shows and other events.

  • Bristol & Wessex aeroplane club   Flying club for PPL training and aeroplane hire.

  • Carney Aviation, Inc.  The Squadron One Flying Club flys a variety of aircraft, emphasizing Grumman and Mooney four-seat single-engine airplanes.

  • Crosswinds Flying Club  Crosswinds Flying Club is a local Bloomington, Illinois Flying Club located at the Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI). The purpose of this club is to meet on a social and friendly basis as frequently as possible for those people who are interested in safe flying to make available to the members, planes for purely pleasure noncommercial flying.

  • DFW Lite Flyers  Dedicated to the promotion of ultralight and light plane safety, education, and the improvement of personal flying skills.

  • Elite Flying Club Malaysia  A social organization offering pilot training, a flight school, flying adventures, and aircraft hire.  The website has live weather updates, online bookings, a pilots lounge with message board facilities, up to date global aviation news and online enquiry forms.

  • Eximious Flying Club  A non-profit group promoting safe, affordable flying in a club atmosphere.  Based at Detroit City (DET) and Oakland-Troy (7D2).

  • Flyers Incorporated San Diego, CA based flying club.  Member info, fleet list, links.

  • Kakabeka Falls Flying Club An Ontario club with members that own ultralight, homebuilt, conventional wheel and float planes.

  • North Weald Flying Club  Flying club based at North Weald airfield, just north of London, UK. Members pay a single monthly membership fee to be able to fly any of the 4 group planes. Read about our previous group flying adventures on our web site.

  • Oxford Flying Club  A nonprofit corporation dedicated to safe, affordable flying for it's members.  Located at Waterbury-Oxford Airport (OXC) in Connecticut.  Members share access and cost of light aircraft for personal use with liberal booking rules.  Each member contributes his or her talents to keep the club and the aircraft running smoothly.

  • Paramus Flying Club A non-profit organization in Teterboro, New Jersey dedicated to providing pilots with three aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk N63017, Cessna 182 Skylane N4468N, and Mooney 201 N201YV.  Club information, membership, aircraft, photo-album, links.

  • Randers Flying Club  We pride ourselves on being one of Denmark’s most active Flying Clubs for the advancement of General Aviation.

  • Rochester Flying Club  A private, non-profit organization in Rochester, NY: event dates, fleet information, newsletter, mailing list.

  • Southern Flight Centre  A CAA recognised and approved UK flight training centre.  Gift vouchers available.

  • Stanford Flying Club  Offers new aircraft, flight instruction and aviation training materials, backed up by Cessna Aircraft Company.  Excellent aircraft availability.  Founded in 1935 at Stanford University.  Open to the public.

  • The Stick & Rudder Flying Club The primary purpose of the club is to provide the means to learn to fly and continue flying at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the highest standards for maintenance, safety and training.  Waukegan, Illinois.

  • The Tiger Club  Flying tailwheel and vintage aircraft in the U.K.

  • Twin City Cloud 7 Flying Club A non-profit, member-owned flying club located at Flying Cloud airport [FCM] in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Members fly five equipped, maintained, and hangared Cessnas: two C172 Skyhawks, a C177RG Cardinal RG, a C182 Skylane and a C210 Centurion.

  • West Valley Flying Club Dedicated to providing aircraft, instruction for both new and experienced pilots, and avaition-related activities for its members.

  • Windy City Flyers  A limited member flying club with a rental fleet including fixed gear singles, complex aircraft, high performance single, and multi-engine aircraft.

Hang Gliding and Ultralight Clubs

Helicopter Clubs

Radio Control Aircraft Clubs

  • The R/C Web Directory  This Tower Hobbies page has a giant, geographically arranged directory of R/C aircraft clubs, worldwide.

Soaring and Gliding Clubs

Directories of Clubs

Other Clubs

  • Aero Club of New England  America's oldest aeronautical club is dedicated to the celebration of aviation.  It promotes aviation education in schools, provides a scholarship program keeps abreast of aviation-related legislation, and holds meetings with addresses by leaders in aviation.

  • Aero Club of Southern California  Dedicated to the advancement of aviation and aerospace and to honor their outstanding contributors.  Membership in ACSC is open to everyone who has an interest in aviation and space: history, air and space technology, new developments, education, research, manufacturing, military flying, general aviation, commercial air transport and every other aspect of flight.

  • The Classic Jet Aircraft Association The members of the CJAA own, fly, and restore classic jets, and furthers classic jet operations by providing member meetings, swaying government legislation, providing voluntary guidelines, and assisting jet owners.

  • Exeter Airport X-Air Society  An Exeter International Airport enthusiasts club with monthly meetings and magazine, slide and photo shows, links to other airport enthusiast sites.

  • High Peak Model Aero Club Club for anyone interested in flying model planes or helicopters, especially in the Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Areas of the UK.

  • Lancashire Aero Club - Barton Aerodrome  The Lancashire Aero Club is the oldest established flying school in the U.K.

  • Love Air Love Air is a worldwide internet dating service designed for aviators and their colleagues and anyone who wants to date such people. It is open to everyone including air crew, cabin crew, private pilots, commercial pilots, military pilots, display pilots, flight dispatchers, operations staff, ATC, aircraft engineers, aerospace engineers, general aviation and all supporting services.

  • Mid Island Pilots Club  Founded in 1996 to provide a venue for pilots in the central Long Island area to meet and organize events and programs related to general aviation.  Monthly meetings and programs, regular trips all over the Northeast, visits to local air traffic control facilities, a monthly newsletter, safety programs and social activities.

  • Phillip Island Aeroclub Australian club with online newsletter, discussion forum, for sale, membership form.

  • Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Association of aerial combat veterans who avow patriotism and the defense of the U.S. Constitution.

  • True Aviation is a place where aviation minded people come together! is an online community for aviation enthusiasts. It is a place for networking and meeting people. It is a place to share experiences and good times. Whether you are still in college, looking for a job, have been in the industry for 30 years, or just want to meet like minded people, this is the airspace for you! Come join a group, read some forums or even write a blog. Be sure to check out our picture galleries, videos sections and our new soundboards section.

  • Ulster Aviation Society Homepage Homepage of the Ulster Aviation Society, a group of enthusiasts in Northern Ireland almost 500 strong.  Activities, events, links.

  • The Wings Club  A mid-Manhattan club for aerospace and aviation professionals.

Resources for Clubs

  •  Providing support for aircraft clubs: on-line scheduling system for club or co-owned aircraft, on-line discussions of club flying issues, weather services, general aviation information, glossary of terms for pilots.

  • Automated Reservation System for Aircraft  A complete aircraft reservation management system for flying clubs and FBOs.

  • Custom Software Solutions  Manifest Master (a program to manifest skydiving operation, manage a jumper database, and produce reports of jumper activity), Pilot Club (for flying clubs to manage aircraft used on a rental or co-ownership basis) and Aircraft Maintenance System (keeps track of maintenance schedules for aircraft: annual inspections, oil changes and AD's.)

  • FLIGHTNET.AERO  An online aircraft reservation system for clubs, flight schools, and aircraft rental companies.  24hrs access via web and mobile phone, and offering standby reservations, reservation requests, confirmation by email and SMS, and has some extended maintenance and evaluation functionalities.

  •  An online scheduling system for flight schools, flying clubs, and FBO's.  Customers can access your schedule 24 hours per day by the web, wireless, and voice response.

  • Schedule Master  24 hour aircraft scheduling service for flight schools, FBOs, clubs and partnerships.  The service accommodates scheduling by phone, internet, or modem.

  • Schedule Pointe  Offering Schedule Flight, an Internet based scheduling system for use by flight schools, flying clubs, and partnerships.

  • SkyScheduler  Provides professional-grade online scheduling, maintenance tracking, real-time dispatching, member accounting, historical aircraft rental statistics, online pilot logbook, and lots more.  The site includes a complete online demo.

  • U-Reserve-It.Com  On-line scheduling and reservation systems for owners of shared and rental aircraft.  Designed for FBOs, flying clubs, flight schools, aircraft partnerships, etc. Features include waiting lists, instructor support, e-mail confirmations, bulletin board, restricted planes.

  • Visual Online Reservation  Web-based reservation system for flight schools and flying clubs.

  • Wings Aircraft Reservation System  Reserve (or release) aircraft, headsets, CFI's or other aviation "resources" from the Web.  Requires membership obtained through FBOs and flying clubs.