aviation audio websites

  • 174th Assault Helicopter Company  Cockpit audio files and history, photos, reunion.

  • Aero Dynamic Recordings - The Glorious Sound of the Big Props  A record label producing CD recordings of the sound of old propliners: taxiing in/out, accelerating to take off, take-off run, climb out, on approach, touchdown, shutdown engines, cruising, fly past (at distance/close), post maintenance engine run-ups, magneto checks, aerobatics, etc.

  • AeroSpaceNews.com  General aviation, airline, military, and space news.   Features text, graphics, RealAudio, and streaming video news and articles.

  • AirCraft Records  Audio compact discs featuring the sounds of historic aircraft, from the roar of the Reno Air Races to the thunder of the SR-71.

  • The Bell P-39 Airacobra  See The Commemorative Air Force's Bell P-39 Airacobra and listen to a sound file of a fly by.


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