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  • Concorde  The site is about the life of concorde and when new information is found it will be updated to give you the best information it can.

  • Concorde SST  Accident page, fleet, history, specs, pictures, events, links.

  • Eric's Concorde Tribute Page  Concorde history and links.

  • The JHS Concorde Page  A Concorde tribute site with history, photos, multimedia, links.

Other Airliner Sites

  • Aero Favourites  A personal website about the webmaster\'s favourite aircraft, which are the favourites of many others too. Including Lockheed Constellation, Concorde, Fokker Friendship, Dakota, DC-4 / DC-6 / DC-7, Convairliner, Boeing 747 and more. Descriptions and photographs.

  • An-26B 100  The An-26B 100 aircraft is a cargo-passenger variant of the An-26.

  • Commercial Aircraft Groundspeed Records  A database by aircraft type showing current speed record, together with a picture.

  • The Online DC-3 Aviation Museum DC-3 information, flight simulator files, photo gallery, stories, books, tech data.  Mailing list available designed to allow the spread of information about the DC-3, C-47, R4D, Li-2, Dakota, etc.

  • The DC-3 Hangar  Specializing in the Douglas DC-3 aircraft, "the largest DC-3 aviation site on the net" with specs, photos, history, just about every resource you need.

  • MC DONNELL - DOUGLAS DC-10 homepage  Tribute page with aircraft list, history, operators, photos, aircraft by name, accidents, forum, links.

  • The Flying Clippers  Site devoted to the Pan Am flying ships: Boeing 314, Martin 130, Sikorsky S 42: data sheets, history, pictures, information, and related links.

  • The history of airliners  A complete history of the airliner

  • The Lockheed File (The Cuskelly Home Page)  Lockheed aircraft in Australia: detailed census, history, images, information.

  • Kelvin's Lockheed L1011 Tristar Homepage  Information, Photo gallery.

  • A Little VC10derness  Dedicated to the Vickers VC10: history, technical data, VC10 news, flight sim downloads.

Regional Airplanes

Business & Commercial Airplanes

  • About Jet Planes  This site offers information of interest to those who are considering, or should be considering, buying a private jet.

  • Adam Aircraft Industries  The A500 six-place, pressurized, center-line thrust, carbon composite aircraft, and the A700 business jet.

  • AeroVehicles Inc.  The manufacturer of the AeroCat 30 hybrid aircraft, using a mix of static and aerodynamic lift, and capable of operating from land and water, carrying 20+ tons payload, in support of existing and emerging business markets.

  • Avocet Aircraft LLC  Avocet ProJet designed and built by IAI.

  • Boeing Business Jet.

  • Britten-Norman  The Islander is a rugged multi-purpose utility aircraft used for many applications: freighter, air ambulance, passenger aircraft, parachuting, and area and line search.

  • Dassault Falcon Jet Home Page Business jet.

  • Eclipse Aviation  The Eclipse 500 very light jet for the general and commercial aviation markets.

  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Corporate info, products, customer services, related sites.

  • Gulfstream V-SP  Corporate jet.

  • HondaJet  The Honda Motor Co., Ltd. compact business jet equipped with Honda-developed HF118 jet engines.  This December press release includes photos, specs, and a flight test movie (best with high speed connection).  Also, see the Honda and General Electric strategic alliance press release.

  • Ibis Aerospace Ltd.  Design, manufacture, and support of Ae270 single-engine turboprop aircraft for business, commercial, and government markets.

  • Pilatus Aircraft LTD  Business, training, and utility aircraft.  Company information, customer support.  Swiss mirror site.

  • Raytheon Aircraft Company  Design, manufacture, marketing and support for jet, turboprop, and piston-powered aircraft for the commercial, military and regional airline markets.  Beech, Hawker, Premier I, and King Air aircraft.

  • Safire Aircraft Company  The Safire S-26 6-place, 2 turbofan aircraft.

  • Socata Aircraft  EADS Socata manufactures touring, training and business aircraft, and also aerostructures for major aircraft producers such as Airbus, Dassault, Embraer, Eurocopter and Lockheed Martin.

Micro Jets

General Aviation Airplanes

Light Sport Aircraft

  • Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Rule  An overview by Vulcan Aviation of the Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft rules.

  • Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC  This Atec Zephyr dealer in the Midwestern U.S. was founded with the Light Sport Aircraft/Sport Pilot in mind.

  • Sport Flight Aviation  Manufacturers of the Talon line of premier light sport aircraft and Sport Brakes hydraulic brakes for light sport aircraft and ultralights.

  • Sport Pilot   Resources for all sport pilots

  • Vulcan Aviation  Developers of the Vulcan 100, Vulcan 105 and the Vulcan 110 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).

Float and Seaplanes

VTOL and STOL Planes

  • Britten-Norman  Manufacturers of the Islander, Trislander, and Defender STOL light utility and surveillance aeroplanes.

  • VTOL planes of the world  The English short version of the large Russian VTOL/STOL  Photos and information arranged by aircraft.


  • Boeing Phantom Works  This advanced research and development unit of The Boeing Company pursues breakthrough improvements in the affordability, quality and performance of aerospace systems.

  • NASA Aeronautics Enterprise  Future aerospace technology programs, events, FAQs, library and newsletter.  Also, aircraft graphics and photos collections, and an aircraft video selection.  Peek into the future.

  • Proteus  A high-altitude, multi-mission aircraft now used for the Crystal-Face global warming study.

  • X-43 Hyper-X Program  A hypersonic demonstrator aircraft powered by a scramjet engine.

  • X-45 Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle  A robotic plane built by Boeing's Phantom Works for the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force and designed specifically for combat missions.  DARPA press releases, photos and videos, fact sheet, operational animation.

  • XCOR Aerospace  Trying to become the first private enterprise to send a human into space, and developer of the EZ-Rocket (a modified Long-EZ homebuilt aircraft) flying rocket airplane.


Aircraft Delivery Services

Aircraft Interiors & Completions

  • Advanced Hyperfine Products  AHP provides aerospace component design, research and developmental testing, and manufacturing: FAA-PMA aircraft water heaters, as well as stainless steel MLG door strut assemblies for Hawker aircraft.

  • Aerofloor  Carpets, textiles, wadding, barrier fabric, seat trims, galley flooring, and other soft products.

  • Aircraft Belts  Design and manufacture of aircraft safety restraints.

  • Burnet Interiors  The European Website for interior outfitting of business aircraft.

  •  Corporate aircraft completion, modification, and refurbishment centre production information: centre listings, service suppliers, employment opportunities, new products, example showcases, product reviews.

  • CTT Systems AB  The Zonal Comfort System provides humidification of the cabin without causing condensation to form on the aircraft structure, offering better travelling comfort for passengers and crew members on executive business jets.  CTT targets airframe OEMs and airlines operating wide-body, narrow-body, and regional jet aircraft.

  • Daedalus Art Inc.  Providing custom aircraft interiors: seats, headliners, carpets, etc.

  • Elite Air Center, Inc.  Custom interiors for Beechcraft piston airplanes.

  • Executive Aircraft  Business aircraft completions.

  • General Ecology, Inc.  Drinking water systems for aircraft.

  • Midcoast Aviation  Business jet interiors and paint jobs.

  • STG Aerospace  Providing wireless emergency lighting systems: photoluminescent floorpaths, signs, and placards.

Aircraft Storage Facilities

  • AVTEL Services  This affiliate of The Telford Group, Inc. provides aircraft storage in the high desert north of Los Angeles in Mojave, California.

Other Sites with Airplane Information

  • Aerofiles U.S. aircraft, their models, specifications and data, and informative text.

  • Aircraft  A source of comprehensive aircraft information, technical specifications, and resources covering large jets to light aircraft.  Completely human edited, similar to DMOZ.

  •  Military and civil aircraft pictures, background information, schematics, dimensions, and performance data.

  • aircraft profiles  aircraft profiles from early pioneers to jets

  • Airplane Cheat Sheet  A quick reference of popular aircraft manufacturers' commercial airplanes and engines.

  • Antique Aircraft Virtual Tour  The vintage aircraft featured here is a 1943 V-77 Stinson, also known as "The Gullwing."

  • AOPA Online - Statistical Reference Guide  Provides data on active general aviation aircraft, registrations, landings, hours flown by aircraft and use, aircraft shipments, accident data.

  •  Russian design bureaus, aircraft, designations, books, ASCII airplanes.

  • The Canard Aviator's Page Information, classifieds.

  • Civil aircraft register of World Zip files by country with registration, aircraft type, production or constructor's number.

  • FanWing  The FanWing generates lift and thrust using a horizontal-axis wing rotor.  This privately developed prototype takes off, flies, and lands.

  • Flight Deck Simulations  View the interior of jetliner flight decks (777, 767, 747, A320) where switches, knobs, and buttons are clickable and defined.

  • The Hoverhawk Corporation  Aircraft / hovercraft hybrid kits scheduled to begin shipping in June 2001.

  • Ken's Aircraft  Aircraft specs, information, and photos by nation, manufacturer, designation, location (museums, airshows, airports), and name.  Engines by manufacturer and designation.

  • Lord Mechanical Products Active cabin noise reduction systems.

  • Marc Schaeffer's Homepage Dedicated to the De Havilland Comet with history, accident reports, technical data, picture gallery.

  • Eugene Maslov's Home Page  Personal page from an aeronautical engineer who created the Accord-Prototype multi-purpose, amphibious aircraft as the Chief Designer of the Accord design bureau.  Seeks to create an organization to facilitate the world-wide use of Russian aeronautical engineering talent in aircraft design and manufacturing.

  • MD80 International Forum Aircraft sales, mailing list, collectables, routings, questions, technical information, accidents and incidents.

  • Miles Aircraft Production  Vintage aircraft specifications and individual airframe histories.

  • The Old Flying Machine Company Formed in 1981 to preserve and maintain rare vintage aircraft in airworthy condition.  The OFMC committed to display aircraft in a manner that emulates as closely and safely as possible the roles for which they were originally designed.  Air Shows, Film Work, Aircraft Sales and more.

  • The ORIGINAL Ascii Airplane Collection  Huge collection of aircraft pictures made from the ASCII character set.  Many of these are quite impressive!

  •  An online reference for the Piaggio P166 aircraft: searchable database, photos, information.

  • Rearwin Airplanes  Rearwin Airplanes was founded in 1928 and designed and built over 400 airplanes, including instrument trainers and gliders.  News and Info, plane and reference information, photo gallery, aircraft locator, related links.

  • Red Star Aviation Sourcing and importation, sales, consulting and support, contract aircraf for exotic aircraft, emphasizing the aircraft of Eastern Europe.

  • Russian Aviation Museum  Includes catalogue of aircraft with specs, names of designers and design bureau teams, engines used in Soviet/Russian aviation, reference and other links.

  • Scaled Composites, Inc.  An aerospace and specialty composites development company with experience in air vehicle design, tooling, and manufacturing, specialty composite structure design, analysis and fabrication, and developmental flight test.

  • Tall Tails   Dedicated to Socata Rallye aircraft and the people who fly this unique STOL plane.

  • Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer  A single pilot, single engine turbofan aircraft designed for a non-stop global circumnavigation in 80 hours.  News, aircraft info, images and downloadable media.

  • WHEL | Aerospace Resources & more  Compilations of up-to-date technical specifications and performance data for civil jet aircraft, such as Widebodies, Regional Jets and Cargo Jets.

  • Widebody Aircraft Parade  All about the world\'s widebody airliners. Descriptions, history, technical data and pictures

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